Friday, August 13, 2010

Why a Triathlon, Mike?

There are many reasons that ran through my head while I contemplating doing my first triathlon. I broke my thought process down into two categories; emotional and logical.

The logical reasons are obvious:

  • Wanted to continue to improving my fitness, but wanted something different
  • Signing up for a triathlon would force me to cross train.
  • To do something that would cause me to train and think differently
The emotional reasons were across the board:

  • Wanted to do an athletic event I have never done before
  • Be part of the small percentage of our population that is able to say "I have done a triathlon"
  • To prove to myself that I still got my competitive fire.
  • To kick ass on the bike portion
Through the rigors of training in the weeks prior to the race, the jitters and emotions at the start of the race, and the emotional feeling I experienced after the race, it was made obvious why I did a triathlon.

I did a triathlon to prove myself wrong, to regain my competitive focus, to get that pre-game emotional high, and to say, "hell yeah, I did a triathlon".

As you can see the emotional factors really outweighed the logical factors. Being able to ride my emotional reasons ultimately caused me to meet my logical reasons subconsciously.

The fear and emotions I experienced before, during, and after my first triathlon have got me sucked into the sport. How do I know just after one event? I know is because I am already planning how many triathlons I will do next year and planning my training schedule. I know because my blood still gets pumping thinking about the last race.  I know because I want to experience that fire, desire, and adrenaline again.

Why not Tri?

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  1. Nice Blog - I'm in my second season of triathlons. I started last year for year similar reasons. Keep it up.