Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Start Your 2011 New Year's Resolution Today

Usually in the fall our schedules are altered.  The days are getting shorter, the days are getting cooler, the kids are back to school, the kids are involved in various activities, and a multitude of other changes in our summer routine. 

With these changes and the holiday season approaching we tend to get lax on our health and fitness.  We tend to eat a little more and exercise a little less. It is hard to get motivated to really do anything as it winter sets in.  It is depressing when you realize that before too long we will be going to work and coming home in the dark.

About 78% of New Year's resolutions fail for many reasons.  The most common resolution is health and fitness.

Come January 1st the Midwest weather is usually cold, could be snowy, and most likely gloomy.  Why on earth would you want to start an exercise routine in the dead of winter when your body and mind are telling you to hibernate?  I feel this is the reason so many of us fail in our resolution of exercising more and losing weight.

My theory, if you plan to have a health/exercise New Year's resolution, is to start your plan in October.  During this time of yer the weather is changing but the days and evenings are still rather comfortable to be outside.  You will be more likely to start and continue your routine during this time than say in January.  If you started in October and developed a weekly routine of exercising it would give you the motivation to find ways to exercise until Spring comes. Momentum is a great motivator.

Some people have worked hard all year and look at this last quarter of the year to back off a little, recoup, and just maintain.  Others are wanting to start a plan.  No matter where you are at there is still a resolution or an agenda we all seek. 

There are a lot of things going on towards the end of the year.  Remember to take care of yourself, enjoy those around you, have fun, and enjoy everything that is associated with the holidays.

My resolution is to maintain.  The days of riding my bike are nearly over for the year.  I have developed my fall and winter plan which includes goals of running, resistance training, and hopefully a little swimming mixed in.  Good Luck!