Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 By The Numbers

Well 2012 was a really good year for racing.  A lot of new races, new race distances, personal records, and a lot of experienced gained.

With that said here is a breakdown of my numbers from 2012:

-  836 miles ran
-  711 miles biked
-  87.5 miles swam
-  9 triathlons ran
-  8 Personal records broken
-  4 5k's ran
-  1 half marathon
-  8 top 3 in age group placements
-  1 overall triathlon win
-  Fastest run off the bike in a triathlon was a 6:25/mi pace
-  Fastest average mph on bike in a race was 22.5mph

The biggest news from 2012 was qualifying for the 2013 USA Triathlon Age Group National Championship.  Better than that was finding out this race will be held in Milwaukee, WI because that means it is close enough for me to actually participate in this race.  It's a race that has been a goal of mine for nearly 3 years.  It's going to fun racing against the best in the country.

The calendar has turned into 2013, but it's always nice to take a look in the rearview mirror to acknowledge what you have done and what you did to overcome your challenges.  Building on that experience I wanted to push myself even further in 2013.  New challenges in 2013 include running my first marathon, running a 2hr 15min olympic distance triathlon at Nationals, and running a sub 19 minute 5k.

There are bound to be setbacks and struggles but I look forward to learning more and overcoming challenges.

Train.  Race.  Repeat.