Sunday, August 15, 2010

P90x Works

In February 2010 I started P90x.  The main goal for me from this program was to add a workout program that included resistance training.  I hate going to gyms for many reasons.  Some of which include; the time commitment, the cost involved, and working out around meat heads. 

I hear about this program from friends doing this program so I decided to do it.  I was told it wasn't easy but the results are well worth it.  Before I started I was in pretty good shape so I felt I was ready.  The goal wasn't to bulk up with massive muscles.  Instead, I just wanted to tone things up.

I followed the workouts to a T with the exception of the yoga workout.  The program also comes with a suggested nutrition plan which I did not follow.  I tried to do the nutrition plan at first but it was just to complicated to plan meals that the whole family would like.

As the weeks went on I was starting to notice a difference all the way around which keep me motivated to continue on.  As I got to the last 30 days I modified the program a little by reducing the P90x cardio workouts.  That was because cycling season was starting.  But doing the P90x cardio workouts and the plyometric workouts for 60 days made a big difference in my first month of cycling.  I noticed I had more power and endurance than I had in previous cycling seasons.

So all was good.  I finished my first 90 days of P90x, logging good cycling miles, and feeling really good.  A decision needed to be made though.  The main focus was cycling, but I did want to lose my results from P90x.  So what do I do?  There are only so many hours in the day and most of those hours are consumed by my job, my family, my kids activities, and sleep.  What it boiled down to was I wanted to do another 90 days of P90x AND continue my cycling routine.  This meant a lot of days of doing two workouts per day.  On the second 90 days of P90x I decided not to do any of the cardio workouts.  This meant Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings were my strength and resistance training with P90x.  Tuesdays and Thursdays were bike days.  Depending on my families activities I would bike in the afternoons on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with longer rides on Saturday and Sunday.

This agenda worked well and was able to focus on both programs at the same time without sacrificing one for the other.

As I write this today in August 2010 I have one more week left of my 2nd round of P90x, logged over 1,000 biking miles, did a triathlon, and even started running more.

Since I plan on doing more triathlons in 2011 my workout routine will change a little.  However, P90x will be involved in some form or fashion.

I recommend P90x for anyone who is in halfway decent shape as it is a difficult program.  You have to stick to the plan and BRING IT every day.  If you can commit to 90 days you will certainly enjoy the results.  Below are my Day 1 and Day 90 pictures.

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  1. Great results! Just ran across your blog from facebook. WELCOME TRIATHLETE! I'll be reading.