Friday, August 27, 2010

Gatorade G Series

In a quest to find a post cardio workout recovery drink I was delighted to stumble upon Gatorade's G Series drinks (01 Prime, 02 Perform, and 03 Recover). 

As part of my P90x workouts I have been taking a post workout recovery drink (Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein Supplement) which supports lean muscle and exercise recovery. 

Studies show that with proper nutrition during the 45-60 minutes following exercise you can increase your body's ability to recover more than 100%.

Two scoops of this Body Fortress stuff mixed with skim milk gives me what I need after a lifting workout.  I have taken this same drink after cycling or aerobics type exercises.  The problem for me is that it is too thick and upsets my stomach a little bit after a high intensity cardio workout.  Plus it is not a thirst quencher.  The drink helped me recover quickly and was less sore after a hard ride, but it was just something with this drink after cardio workouts that did not agree with me. So it was time to find another drink.

Then I stumbled upon the Gatorade G Series.  I often drink Gatorade G series 02 during a ride, but never tried the Prime or the Recover in this series.  I have been drinking Gatorade for years so I am familiar with their products.

I don't have any extensive or scientific evidence to share with you, but what I can tell you is the experience I have had with each of the Gatorade G Series drinks.

01 Prime (Before)

Per Gatorade, the 01 Prime contains a concentrated blend of carbs, B vitamins and electrolytes, delivering energy and helping to sustain your body's ability to burn additional carbs when taken 15 minutes before competition.

I have taken this a few times and I have noticed a little extra boost during the early stages of my workout. The 4oz package was easy to tear open and was easy to drink.  A lot of people take energy gels that have a a lot of consistency with them.  The 01 Prime was easy to drink and was more liquefied than gels.  Like all Gatorade products it did have a bit of a sweet taste. 

02 Perform

This is, I think, pretty much the same old Gatorade we have all grown up with.  It delivers a unique formula of sodium, potassium and essential carbs to your muscles and mind. 

Again, it does have a sweet kick to it and most of the time I mix this 02 with water in my bottles on the bike.  The 02 does come is a low calorie version for the calorie conscious out there.  My favorite flavors are lemon lime and grape.

Water works great during most of my cardio workouts.  However, if I know I am going to be doing longer rides I will usually bring along an 02.  It just seems to give me the ability to maintain or exceed my limits.  I have done longer rides with just water and seems I always hit that wall.  With the 02 that wall does not exist.

03 Recover

This is the drink I was most excited to try because I have been looking for post workout (specifically for cardio) that tastes good, quenches my thirst, and provides the protein my muscles are graving after a workout.

If I have done a hard cardio workout I will usually drink the 03.  So far I haven't had any stomach issues with this drink.  I wish their was a little more protein in them.

The first time I had the 03 was after a 12 mile sprint on my bike.  I pushed my limits pretty hard that day.  I drank the 03 after the ride and I felt hydrated and refreshed.  I did notice later that evening and the next morning that I wasn't as sore as I normally would be after a ride like that.

The only flavor I have had is the lemon lime orange mix and it was good.


I will not always do the 3 drink system with every workout.  If I know I will be doing a high intensity cardio workout I will do the system because I know the benefits I will get from them. 

I have not had a chance to use the system during an event but look forward to the day I can.

After all is said and done I think I have found a fueling system my body needs before, during, and after hard cardio workouts.  The G Series drinks are readily available and fairly easy to find in your local grocery store.  I will still use the other whey protein shakes after my lifting workouts because that is what I am use to taking for those activities.

No everyone likes Gatorade so it really comes down to personal preference.  I would encourage you to try the 3 drink system at least once.  Do a workout with just water one day and the next time you do the same workout use the G Series and feel the difference.

It's not a miracle drink.  It won't turn you into Michael Jordan or Usain Bolt, but it will allow you to push your own personal limits.


  1. Wow great review. I just got this today.. not the G03 part but noticed from the G01 packet that it was a 3 step thing.. Ive had a problem with my runs though. been doing 3 miles and other stuff, eat a hardy meal, ate bananas, took the G01 and still i Charley horse during my runs.. any suggestions?

  2. A lot of times dehydration is the cause of cramps. Are you getting enough fluids in throughout the day?

    Do you do any stretching beforehand? Stretching effectiveness is widely debated these days. Before I do a running workout I usually do a light jog for 3-4 minutes then do my stretching.

    I have only had one charley horse and it was while I was swimming....of all things. Not sure what caused it but I had to rest for a week or so until it started feeling better.