Friday, February 3, 2012

Ready, Set, Go!

With the mild winter we have had in the Midwest this off season it was hard to slow down and focus just on maintaining fitness.  I often found myself doing mid season workouts which was not what I wanted.  But how can you resist when it is 50 degrees outside with no snow on the ground in January.

The main focus this off season was to maintain my run fitness and improve my swimming efficiency.  Ninety percent of my runs this off season were at a relatively easy pace.  I have also been nursing some shin splints that have come on as of late.  That actually forced me to back off running a little which was good because it allowed me to get to the pool more. 

A triathlon is not won in the water, but it can be lost in the water.  There were a few races in 2011 that if I was just a little faster in the water I could have gotten 1st or 2nd in my age group instead of 3rd.  So this off season I was focused on getting my swimming technique and efficiency down.  I have made great progress and I continue to see my swim times decrease each session.  Very encouraging going into the season.

I did add on a few of my perennial winter pounds, but wasn't anything to be worried about.  Still trying the grasp the idea that I don't need that much "fuel" when I am not training intensely. 
All in all, I feel the off season was good. Excited about the races I am planning to do and anxious to get started on achieving the goals I have set for myself.  Goodbye off season and hello preseason!

Now, the fun begins!  When the second week of February hits my 1/2 marathon training goes into full swing and won't slow down until October.  February through April are focused on the run in preparation for the Illinois half marathon at the end of April.  It's starts to get a little more tricky come April as I have to trade in some runs for bike rides to get ready for the triathlon season.

It's crazy, but I love it. 

In my next blog post I will talk about my 2012 race schedule and the goals I have set for myself.  Hopefully sharing that with you will hold me accountable and keep me focused.

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