Monday, October 10, 2011

That's It....2011 Summary

2011 was a pretty good year for racing.  I competed in three 5k's, 5 sprint triathlons, a duathlon, and a 1/2 marathon.  I placed in the top three of my age group in all but 2 races (Illinois 1/2 marathon and Indy Sprint Tri #1).  I learned a lot about my abilities, training, and race strategies.

One of the biggest accomplishments was qualifying for the 2011 USA Triathlon Age Group National Championship race.  I didn't go, but I did qualify again for the same race in 2012. 

In all of my races combined I competed with a total of 677 guys in my age group and only got beat by 68 of those guys.  In my triathlons I competed against a total of 90 guys in my age group for all races and only 20 beat me.  When looking at the overall field I competed with a total of 12,665 people and only a total of 574 people beat me.  The Illinois 5k and Illinois 1/2 marathon accounted for a good percentage of total participants as they were big races.

Most Difficult:  Redhawk Rampage Tri - had 2 big hills on the bike course
Easiest Race: Champaign Mini Tri
Favorite Races:  Tri The Illini, Fishers Area Sprint Tri, Illinois 5k, and Illinois 1/2 marathon
Least Favorite:  Lytle Park Duathlon - suppose to be a triathlon, but got switched due to no water in the pool.
Wettest Race:  Indy Sprint Tri #1 - monsoon rains
Hottest Race:  Redhawk Rampage Tri
Coldest Race:  Tri The Illini

Besides the races themselves many hours were spent running, cycling, and swimming.  I am looking forward to the off season to get back to strength training and finding a way to become a better swimmer.

Plans for 2012 are still up in the air as far as triathlons go.  I have decided to step it up a little and do some longer races.  So there may not be as many races in 2012 but the races will be bigger.  Two races I would love to do would be Muncie Ironman 70.3 and the USA Triathlon Age Group Nationals race.  I've got a lot of options and races to choose from, but it just comes down to dates.

I have signed up for 2 races in 2012 already which are the Illinois 5k and Illinois 1/2 marathon (aka I-Challenge).  It's one of the best around and wouldn't want to miss it.

Thank you for reading my race reports and thanks for the support from family and friends throughout the season.  I'll be blogging about my winter training woes and there may be one more race left to do in 2011.


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