Saturday, July 2, 2011

Another Pair Retired

As I got my new pair of running shoes I looked at my old ones and thought about all the miles they took me on.  Being a numbers guy I track all kinds out data when I am working out and one of them is obviously mileage.

I generally get about 200 miles or so on a pair of running shoes.  I don't really go by mileage when determining when to get a new pair.  It is mostly determined by how my legs are feeling.  If my feet and shins starting hurting when I am running then it is usually time for a new pair.

I have become a big fan of Brooks running shoes and this pair was my second and recently got my third pair. 

This pair of shoes took me for quite a ride over the past several months.  Within the first month I put nearly 100 miles on them training for the Illinois 5k and Illinois 1/2 Marathon.  They propelled to a PR in the Illinois 5k and got me through my first 1/2 marathon.

I gave them a short break before the next 5k two weeks later.  Then helped me stride to a good finish in my first duathlon.  They weathered the monsoon in my first triathlon of the season.  Finally, bowed out gracefully at my second triathlon of year which got me to a 1st place in my age group.

In the end they endured over 200 miles that included countless training runs, a 1/2 marathon, two 5k's, a duathlon, and two triathlons.
As they bow out and become an everyday shoe I hope my new pair takes me for an even better a ride.

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