Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Road ID

Have you ever thought what would happen if you had a medical emergency while exercising?  It could happen and are you prepared?  Do you have identification on you?  An emergency contact?

There is a product called Road ID that is inexpensive, easy to wear, and could save your life.  I have been wearing mine for several years while I am out exercising.  I found this product when I was looking for an easy way to carry ID without hauling my drivers license around. 

The Road ID is attached to you and provides critical contact/medical information in the event you had a medical emergency.

The only time I ever have a cell phone with me is when I am cycling because of the far distance I could be from home.  Plus it's nice to be able to call someone to pick you in a non-emergency event (flat tire, etc) and not walk your bike home 20 miles.  When I run I do not carry my phone.  Most of my running is in town and if I twisted my ankle, and couldn't walk, I could easily get to a phone. 

However, it's the unforeseen accidents that could leave you seriously hurt or unconscious that prompted me to get a Road ID.  I asked myself these questions based on a worst case (left for dead) scenario.

1.  How would someone know who I am
2.  How would they know who to contact in my family
3.  How would the EMS know of my allergies and how old I was, etc

The Road ID lets you customize this information that would be used in an accident by EMS and bystanders that could really save your life.

When I go swimming there are other swimmers in the pool and lifeguards on duty.  If I had a medical emergency in the pool I would get immediate attention.  However, no one there would know who I am or who to contact.  When I wear this ID around my wrist I am assured that the people who care about me the most would be made aware of the situation if I were unable to do so myself. 

When you exercise by yourself (i.e. not with anyone who knows you) you should really think about getting a Road ID.  It's a standard piece of equipment for me and I never leave home without it.  Check out their website for more information.

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