Wednesday, October 20, 2010


We all have bragged at least once on Facebook or Twitter.  Why we are more willing to brag in a social network setting rather than a public setting is an interested topic.  For the most part I am a somewhat shy person who doesn't do a lot of self-promoting in a public social environment.  I try to stay as humble as possible. 
Facebrag is making a statement that we may not have said in any other public 'face to face' social environment (parties, work, group of friends) for the fear of being perceived as arrogant.  If someone doesn't like your bragging on Facebook then they can just hide you and you would never know.
Facebrag by definition is  A statement of boast, self-promotion or any other kind of self-glorification posted on the social networking site Facebook.

I Facebrag from time to time mainly related to exercise or my family.  I know a lot of people don't care how far I ran, how far I biked, how long I swam, or how I did in a race.  The reason I Facebrag about a completed exercise routine or exercise goal I met is because I am proud of what I did and wanted to genuinely share it with my friends.  Who knows, I may even motivate some of my friends.  I enjoy reading and listening to success stories.  That is probably why I enjoy reading status updates of my friends giving themselves a pat on the back (Facebragging).
Just remember that a status update that seems arrogant and self-centered may not be.  Maybe the poster is just proud of what they did and maybe we should pat them on the back every now and then.
I use Facebook for a number of reasons, but mainly as a tool to stay in touch with old and new friends.  I probably don't actually talk to a lot of my Facebook friends in person, but you are my Facebook friend because at some point, for whatever reason, our paths crossed. 
I also use Facebook to keep updated on various activities by liking or joining a group.  For instance I joined the group USA Triathlon on Facebook and they do a pretty good job with their posts which include upcoming events, training tips, and other useful information.

Self-confidence is a great personal asset to have, but it has to be used with discretion and tact.  Are you trying to impress a group of people or are you using this asset to uplift those around you.  That is the real difference between being confident and arrogant.

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